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Sorry for xxx between Ureeblay and Jaym section in Chpt 4

July 3, 2013
Posted at 1:09 pm

Sorry for not changing the xxx section break usage to a center line in chapter 4. I thought I got all of those change in all of my chapters, but I missed that one. One reader told me how much of a bump it was to go from Ureeblay to the stars without knowing something was different. So now, there is a centered rule between Ureeblay's story line and Jameson's story line.

I also accidently posted the next to last proofed version last night on Chapter 4. The mistakes in that are mine and not my wonderful proofreader's.

My bad.
Enjoy the read. I have chapter 15 almost finished. I posted in an earlier blog that this first book of FoCM would have 15 chapter. Well, it will have more. I decided I would not make readers suffer through the cliffhanger I had planned and will advance the story further before book one ends.

Book Two chapters are being outlined already.

thanks for reading.