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Bela the Vampire Girl.com

June 17, 2013
Posted at 4:17 am

It came time for me to renew BelaTheVampireGirl.com, so I also took the opportunity to redirect that address to my stories here on Storiesonline. If anyone still wants to peruse the incomplete book 6 at my old, inactive WorldGroups site, Bela Bites, go to


If you're not already a member of worldgroups adult section, they will want a valid credit card number before allowing you to join. There is no charge - their reasoning is that minors under 14 most likely won't have a real credit card (what century do they live in, again?)

Eventually all the stories will be completed and posted here, assuming this site doesn't close down like the last site I posted stories on. (Anybody remember SmartGroups?)