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June 5, 2013
Posted at 8:49 pm

I think some of DC's readers and his friends on the internet would like to be made aware that Dave suffered a heart attack early last Monday morning.

Fortunately it was a mild one (as heart attacks go) and Dave was in the local hospital cardiac unit receiving the relevant treatment in double quick time.

Besides having been confined to a hospital bed, bored out of his tiny skull and (as as Dave claims) hooked just about every bit heart monitoring electronics that's ever been invented for 48 hours, Dave "appears" none the worse for the experience.

Although he is rather perturbed about the changes that are now to be enforced upon his diet and lifestyle. Won't that be fun for all of us here, Christ he's going to be one 'onery bugger for a while

And believe it or not, some folks will be pleased to hear that, because Dave will be forced to return to the more sedentary existence he had a few years back and that should lead to more of his tales getting completed.

Your best wishes won't cheer Dave up about those lifestyle changes by the way. But they might prompt him to get back to concentrating on his writing again.

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