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Surviving the Island

June 2, 2013
Posted at 1:37 pm

Just wanted to post a shout-out to "Robert" for pointing out a pretty major editing snafu that both my wife and I missed.

I usually don't have a problem with one or two out of place commas or a 'the' that should be a 'then' ... but this was pretty BIG.

If you read Chapter One of "Surviving the Island" before they repost it, you'll see that when I originally wrote out the outline for the story and started writing the first few chapters, the Smith sisters were actually the Smith sister and brother.

But I changed the ending quite a bit from the original outline in the middle of Chapter Two (if I remember correctly). I thought I'd gotten all the "boy" and "brother" references wiped out, but it seems I didn't. They should be fixed now.