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What I've been up to

May 31, 2013
Posted at 11:54 pm

Writing the next bunch of chapters for Growing Home is proceeding well. Lots of plot ideas I am going to be covering and some fun stuff that I as a writer have to look forward to typing.

On the other hand, this whole Knock On Door and Growing Home started out as what I thought was going to be one short story I was using to blow the pipes clean while I was writing this other sci-fi story. That story is presently 14 chapters long with the shortest chapter being 35 page long in MS Word and the longest chapter being 82 pages long.

My plan was to finish the first part of that story before I ever uploaded the first chapter. That way I could post every week or two on a regular schedule. I figure I've got eight to ten chapters to cover before I reach a logical break between the first book and the second book in the sci-fi story. On top of that, the spring-summer-fall concert season is upon me and with PA jobs coming, I'll have less time to write, edit, and noodle around the laptop. I need to decide how to proceed.

So, if another story starts being posted on SOL, it doesn't mean I've stopped writing Growing Home. I've been posting new chapters every three or four weeks and I don't see that changing. However, I might take a break and work on the sci-fi thing after I reach the next logical or illogical break in the story of James, Raisha, Jhoni, and the girls.

Hang with me. And thanks for reading, voting, and emailing.