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The Girl Next Door (2007)

May 27, 2013
Posted at 7:01 pm

The most stunning, emotionally eviscerating movie I have ever seen. If you are interested in dark themes - the classic 'girl in cellar' scenario, but with a difference which makes it even more disturbing/erotic/sick - then you need to give this a shot. Prepare to have your male misogynist outlook challenged (if you are in that category, come on most males are to some extent). I bought the movie online with the mindset of having a good fap to the subject matter, but as it goes on you feel 'OMG', and I finished it in tears. It was that realistic, the most sympathetic and sweet victim you will ever see (age 13/14). It's a 'GOOD' movie, because it truly teaches empathy for the victim, and reminds everyone that that kind of thing should stay firmly in fantasy. Stunning, really, the most amazing film on the topic of sexual (and many other subtle kinds) abuse I've ever seen. Made me think about who I am as a man and a human being. This is 'greatness' in film. You might not agree, it tends to divide people, but plenty of other reviewers were tlaking exactly like me.