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Where we are.

May 26, 2013
Posted at 4:43 pm
Updated: August 18, 2013 - 7:01 pm

As I said in my homepage, I used to write stroke stories. Before too long, I would find myself thinking about the situation and the people involved. No matter how hot the scene, the participants need to arrive there--then go about their lives afterward.

One such stroke story is A Study in Foreplay. It was an extreme case of where I was a few Presidents ago. Jason was a compilation of California stereotypes, thrown in a highly charged situation. His story was easy to write. However, there is someone else in almost every scene.

Mistress Cynthia is also a compilation of stereotypes, but in her case it is intentional. She is a mask that Sheila Schwartz uses and hides behind. Sheila Schwartz is something very different, which is why I am writing [K]itten and [T]eddy Bear (the "[]" should explain themselves--eventually).

At the moment, I have introduced Sheila and her eventual husband Sean. If you did not get that much from the prologue, hopefully you just skipped reading it. They have gone on dates, done business and become engaged. Complications about merging their personal lives ensue. Chapter 5 is where Foreplay ties in. Be warned, it is a lot darker than the main story.

Edit: 28 July

I was planning on removing these old blogs. Instead, I will update this first one occasionally. The first story is complete and the second is begun (tip of hat to B4Lurker for his editing).

New Hire Orientation ties into Chapter's 8&9. As bondage stories go, it is fairly light, though strictly lesbian.

A sequel, J and Silent T involving Jason and CC, is hetero. It ties in with the end of [K]&[T] book 1. I strongly recommend reading it prior to starting book 2. It will give background on some of the conversations in chapter 1.

I have not posted on this blog much lately. Chapter 5-7 are now up, which brings us to Monday night. Tuesday is worth about 6-7 chapters by itself. Wednesday, the Press becomes involved.

I would say I couldn't make this stuff up, but that is obviously false. Lets just say that the story has gone in unexpected directions.

Edit: 18 August

Book two is now complete. Wedding preparations are well underway. Friday is set aside for getting the final fittings. Of course, the Press will have it say in everything. Not all of it is bad, but much of it is not good.

Sheila does not know it yet, but Sean is taking her to Belize for the honeymoon. He even ordered some custom swimwear. But all that is for the epilog. They have to survive three more days first.

Til next time.