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Setting things straight

May 15, 2013
Posted at 10:28 am

To anyone who might click on this:

This is my first entry to this blog. All previous entries were made by Pieman4u, who originally set up this page after deciding to post my stories here.

Pieman4u did a lot of work editing these 2 stories - copying them from the XNXX story site, restoring damaged text which occurred when XNXX updated their story storage facility, and then posting them here.

Unfortunately, he posted them under his author name, not mine. Anyway, I asked Lazeez to correct this, and now have my own author page.

Anyway, I just finished adding HTML codes to the first story to include italics and stuff, as well as adding and changing some of the scenes and dialog, hopefully to make it a better, more expanded story - or at least, more readable.

Hope you enjoy.