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Updated chapters and some embarrassment

May 7, 2013
Posted at 12:33 pm

So, chapter 10 has been edited/updated. Chapter 12 is in the queue for updating since it's been updated. Chapter 11 would be updated, but I sent the chapter in the wrong format to the editor. That one should be done shortly.

I had to admit to my editor that I was embarrassed by how many mistakes there were in Chapter 12. I seriously don't know what the hell happened. I know a few of the mistakes were formatting errors w/ Office, but the majority of them were simply fuck-ups on my part. And wayyyyyy too many of them. That probably, more than anything else, explains why the rating for SOA has tanked in the last few days. My appologies, folks. I really have no excuse for turning out garbage like that. I hope I've not run off potential readers because I was blind as the proverbial bat when I read through that chapter prior to posting it originally. Ugh!!!