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Editing and new chapters

May 6, 2013
Posted at 5:55 pm

Ok, folks! I've finally got an editor working on "Saving". We've decided to work over the most recent chapters (10-12) and then work backwards from there. One thing I've noticed: for some stupid reason when I'm converting from .doc to .html and/or uploading chapters, there have been instances where stuff has disappeared or changed. Some of these have simply been omissions of a word or two to formating. I'd noticed it before, as an example, in the prologue when I'd switched from using caps to using italics for word emphasis. I'd went through and changed from the caps to the italics, uploaded the updated chapter only to find that the updated chapter had reverted to the caps again. Not sure why the hell stuff like that is happening, but hopefully the editor and I can catch all those little problems. I know there've been instances of this happening as recently as chapter 10, so that may explain why the vote rating has plummeted since posting the new chapters.

As for new chapters, chapter 13 may be the last updated chapter for the next few months. Between now and mid-September I'll be seriously swamped with real-life issues. My daughter is flying over from the States to visit me for 2 months here in Germany, so I may not get a whole lot of writing done. There is also the issue of having to pack my house up and move by mid-September. Whether or not it's on to a new Air Force base or off into retirement, depending on how I do on this last promotion test, I'll have to be getting my house packed and shipped, my truck shipped and all that other "fun" stuff involved in moving. Simply put, I may have very limited time to write over the course of the next few months.

Regardless of what happens on the military front, "Saving One Another" is not finished. Once I get settled in, whenever and wherever that may be, I'll get back to writing. I'll still try to respond to feedback/comments as I receive them, so please continue to let me know what you like or dislike about "Saving".