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May 5, 2013
Posted at 2:25 pm

American Versus British – Again!

The new Limerick-based story Wipe Off The Lipstick has been massacred in the voting, but the feedback letters have been nice. Go figure!

Since the T/P/A system was abandoned we no longer get technical votes, so I can't see how that aspect is judged, but since the story is set in the UK, the English is British and the idiomatical mistakes fever than (and different from) when my stories are set in the US.

The previous Limerick story De Minimis Non Curat Lex was US-based, and despite Dave's best efforts some mistakes slipped through. Published today is a revised version.

There are no (significant) changes to the storyline, but quite a few idiomatical corrections and especially some subtle legal changes. You can always read it again to spot the differences

But please read the new story first, vote - and write feedback. Please.


Acknowledgements: Besides Dave's help on the revised version, I would like to thank Reb who pointed out the legal mistakes and some of the British English idiom that shouldn't be there in an American story.