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April 27, 2013
Posted at 2:43 am
Updated: April 27, 2013 - 3:22 am

I will follow that practise, that I will publish my grammar fixed stories. I write my stories to those readers who can enjoy my story plots, characters and ideas of my stories and who do not think the most important the literature style. If somebody who think the literature style is important and this reader likes my stories and has enough time, energy and skilled, that reader could assist me with edition. I found such reader, who edited the first chapter of "I Am Not a Shark, But an Orca". However this editor disappiered after the edited first chapter.
Why I write the majorities of my stories in the North American Continent? If somebody look at the revenge stories, the 95% of them the authors write to the North American Continent. The remained 5% of the revenge stories comes from the British Isles or Scandinavia. The reason is interesting. Some USA states the results of the modern sciences arrive to the family law,as DNA test. So an ex husband do not have to pay children support for bastard child if the child are below 4 years old. If the child is above 4 years old, according to the children psychologists, the children can remember the dad. The 4 years old limit has a children psychologia cause. If the bastard is above 4 years old, the ex husband can start law suit against the biological father to pay setlement.
This law possibilities are unknown in the European family law. In Europe the children custody decision is 99.999% to the mother, but in North America the possibilties for children custody is higher percentage to the father and there are new family law news, as the common custody. So to get the children custody by the father is not a unbelievable thing in Northern America. For example the mother cheats in front of her children (or in same house with the children) and the husband can justify this or the husband can confirm the wife is not responsible mother, the children custody decision can become not one way rout, against Europe. A husband can divorce from a cheater ill wife in the USA, for example against the Hungarian family law. Some other tiny things are able to put the revenge storie plots into the North American continent.
My stories are small propagative to review new ideas, things. First it all the ANR sex. I think this sex connection the most intime and thight among the sex relations between man and woman. I think it is not accidental some marriage counselors have just discovered, as marriage sefty buoy and they recommend to such pairs, as Ann and Jim are in "Different Gyms Do Train the Body Better". Almost every story there are some ANR and my characters discover this sex, together with my ignorant readers.
"The Two Wimps" is an example to the Down syndrome blood test how it can help older pairs to try producing children.
In my two stories I use the new scientific result the infidelity home tests, which a new instrumet to avoid creampies for husbands...........and naturaly the DNA test.