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2 Bits of News + Snippet

April 20, 2013
Posted at 12:00 am

OK, not the announcement I was hoping to make today. Instead, two bits of unrelated news. The first is that I hit a technical snag with my anthology (see my external blog for details-http://jmfhildebrandt.livejournal.com/). This means the announcement I talked about last time will be delayed at least a day or two while I reformat stuff for the people at Barnes & Noble's NOOK division.
Second bit of news is posting schedule related. I have finished the next chapter in Enter the Darkness and should have it up by the end of the weekend. It needs re-reading and editing and then it will be ready to submit. For those of you who have been with me on that one from the beginning, we are nearing the end of that story. I figure another three chapters or so should do it. For those of you now screaming, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" calm down! Enter the Darkness was only ever meant to be an origin story for a character much older than Alexa was when I began that story. To help your hyperventalation, know that the next book in Alexa's tale was already started when I got smacked up side the head with an anvil by my muse. For a little flavor, here is a taste of how In the Darkness Falling begins:

Chapter One
The Week That Wouldn't Die!

January, 1994

Splat! "Eeewww! You have got to be shitting me!"
This was the capper on the week from hell!
Literally! As I stood there spitting brains and skull and what passed for blood in Gorgons, I was trying to remember the last time I killed something this messy. I was literally scraping the insides of the Gorgon's skull off my face after a twenty minute fight during which the damned thing managed to slash open my torso and cut the tendon connecting my right thumb to my wrist, making that hand almost useless for the foreseeable future. I was once again going to have to go begging to the Order to get myself patched up because there was no damned way anyone else in my life was going to understand six parallel cuts running diagonally across my midriff.
And what the hell was a Gorgon doing in England in the middle of winter anyway?!
Gorgons live in the Med region. What was this one doing lurking about London, sending out its minions to kidnap pretty young boys from old blue blood families? About the only thing that worked this week was me finding them alive and releasing them into the caring arms of a monk who would see that they got back home with a minimum of questions about me. Then came the hunt for the leader of this little circus and damned if I wasn't shocked all to hell when I spotted the scale in an alley not far from this reeking cesspit of a warehouse. A quick stop to a pay phone for some advice and then a detour to a place that sold high end sunglasses.
The warehouse was in a lovely little spot in London my foster father Eoin, Baron of Spencer, his chief of security Ambrose Devlin, and even Eoin's son William had always warned me not to go into without Eoin-level security or Eoin would be trying to explain all of the dead thugs that would come out of the woodwork to try to grab me. Most of these warehouses were nothing more than huge shells that filled and emptied of cargoes of various legitimacy on a regular basis. The criminals decided what got stored there and the unions decided who worked there and since both intermarried with one another, they were pretty much the same thing. When I tracked the scale's owner to one of the more rundown warehouses and quickly disabled the four Humans guarding the outside, I opened the side door, trying to keep the foggy and misting outside evening air where it belonged. I lurked around, taking out two more Human guards until I located the Gorgon.
There was very little cargo in the warehouse and the lighting was dim, so I could make out very little about her. I donned the new glasses and I was ready.
Until the war hammer I was using splatted her skull like an overripe melon. I was literally covered in the slimy ooze that seemed to serve as her blood. It was an almost rosy syrup consistency and the only consolation was that the damned stuff didn't get in my eyes thanks to the three hundred pound sterling, high mirror finish, high UV protection shades I picked up before hunting her down.

I am torn between saying that book will be posted and saying it will only be published. I guess I will see how things go when I wrap up Enter the Darkness. That is all for now. Check back in a day or two for more news.