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My first time...

April 11, 2013
Posted at 10:39 am

...for publishing a story, any story. LOL I've actually had this story "in-work" for close to a year, but don't let the time frame fool ya. I actually wrote most of what I've posted in a matter of a week or so.

Why hold on to it so long? Well, mostly because the story really started out as a test to, for me, see if I could write a lengthy story in the first-person perspective. Normally I write in the 3rd-person POV. It was actually much easier than I'd anticipated. But why erotica? Honestly, I've thought about doing some erotica for awhile, but wasn't sure if I could really do it. I've been reading erotica stories for a couple years, both here on SOL and on other websites. I've run across a few stories by a couple authors here at SOL that've really captivated me and inspired me to publish my own story.

I'll be honest, the stroke stories don't do a whole lot for me and I don't know if I'll attempt to try and write one. I like my stories with an actual plot, to tell an actual story, rather than the "wham-bam-than you-ma'aam" stroke stories. That being said, even if your thing is the stroke stories, I hope you'll take the time to still read mine. Yeah, they're long; yeah, they have plots; yeah, it'll take me time to get a full story put out there for y'all to read. But I'd like to think that that's what some people like.

So, as to how long it'll be between installments of my stories, for "Saving One Another" I already have chapters 8 and 9 mostly done. In my review/editing of the first 7 chapters and prologue, I realized that I'd pretty much neglected the whole PTSD/suicide issue with Gary. So, I updated the first 7 chapters and published them. Chapter 8 is going to require some extensive additions and that means chapter 9 may need some as well. Plus...can't put out a chapter out of order, right? LOL

So, please take the time to read my story. Let me know what you think, what you like and what you don't like. Let me know what improvements I need. I can only get better if I get feedback from you, the reader.