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April 9, 2013
Posted at 7:29 am

When I started posting book two I set up a posting schedule of Monday through Friday mornings. I live in the Eastern time zone of the United States so if you go by that time zone there are no problems.

When posting stories to SOL, there is a human in the process and that is why there a not too many stories posted between 11PM and 9AM Eastern Time. I started posting the night before so that the story would be posted in the morning when the moderator came in to start the day. One night I was a little too early and the story was posted immediately.
I found out that it was either still not too late on the west coast and that it was morning for readers around the globe. I started posting before I went to bed to let those readers have something to read with their morning coffee or tea.

Yesterday I started on my taxes and when I got up to post my story it was later than usual. I also remembered that the chapter was over twice as long as my normal chapters. This meant that my final read took longer and when I did finally post the story (early this morning), it was past the cut off. It should show up when the moderator comes starts the day at SOL. Sorry for the break in the schedule.