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My raw 6th story is ready

April 8, 2013
Posted at 8:26 am

I was ready with my raw 6th story yesterday. I sent to mend for grammar mistakes to Szilvi. I have not any editor so my newer story will be without native English
speaking editor. I am sorry for this at my readers. I recommend my readers to concentrate for the plot and the characters, the style is not 100% literature. If my lack of edition stories are edited I will publish the literature versions.
My 6th story will be a revenge story again, with ANR in it. My positive charcters generaly live in ANR connection in my stories. I hope I can publish my story at the end of April or at the begining of May.
The title is "The Two Wimps". Against the titel this story is a true classical revenge story.
I have newer story plans in my mind.
Here I give a short introduction about the revenge stories:
The revenge stories have 3 main weapons.
1.The Cruel revenge weapon. Many ignorant readers think these are the revenge stories. In the medieval era in the XIV Century may be this was the alone revenge, when the divorce was forbidden, but we live in the XXI Century. The cruel revenge has many types, which is not so violent, as the ignorant readers think. There are many humorous cruel revenge stories. (Unfortunately many good examples are only on the SOL or only on the Literotica, so I will show examples from Literotica and SOL as well in the more part of my introduction)
2.Modern Figaro Type revenge weapon. The husband or the friend(s) of the husband use such smart tricks which cause him big advantage in the divorce or give so big payback which is good healing up from the family disaster. The husband gets the children custody or etc… Sometime these stories are very humorous.
3.The Romantic revenge weapon. To live better after divorce is not revenge, but this better living causes emotional shock or other emotional discomforts at the cheating exwife is revenge.
I use all three revenge weapons in my stories. Some stories one or two weapons, but for example in the "Different Gyms Do Train The Body Better" there are all three revenge weapons in seven revenge situations.