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I am glad

April 6, 2013
Posted at 3:09 pm

1. I got a feedback from a reader. He wrote he lives in ANR and they live such emotional connection, as I write about the ANR pairs in my stories.
2. Only my first story "Different Gyms Do Train The Body Better" is edited. My third story "How Are You Not Being Neglected?" was fixed an author, Mostera1.
The first chapter of my 5th story "I Am Not A Shark, But An Orca" was edited a native English speaker.
So some mistakes remained in my stories, so 3 is not tree......I will mend it with other mistakes.
3. My most favorit character is Olga from the "How Are You Not Being Neglected?". I think I do not have to admit I wrote her according to the character of 800IBgorilla's master work "A Beautiful Wish", Dawn.
I thought during the writing of the story, whether a living human character how could be similar to Dawn.
4. I like Agnes from "I Am Not A Shark, But An Orca", but she is a DG Hear type character. She began like a slut and she became a good wife, against Shelly, who began like a virgin and she became a cheater. I think one of the humor sources this funny situation is in the story.
5. Once more I am sorry for the lack of the edition!