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Fair Warning

March 28, 2013
Posted at 12:11 pm

Yes, I can see, you do not like my stories, especially not the way they end. I got some positive feedback during the first few chapters of "The Island" -- thank you! -- but only one message after it had ended: "it is a cop-out. did you just run out of ideas."

Seriously, I can't blame you. No, I did not run out of ideas -- this end was what I wrote that story for -- but you have my sympathy: you come here to read, wishing to be entertained, but I do not write to entertain. Understandably, you are vexed, you are put off by the darkness in my stories. I do not write for the purpose of vexing you or to putting you off, this is just a by-product of my writing for which I apologize. Rather than change my ways of writing, though, I'll live with the consequences. If you see this blog entry before reading my stories, be warned. Really, I'm a nice person, I don't want you to be disappointed, bewildered or confused. Stay clear. Otherwise... well, you'll see...