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Posting more often now editor is back

March 23, 2013
Posted at 6:09 pm

I hope to be posting more often than I did after the new year. My editor is back and I've gotten a bunch of writing done.

Thanks for continuing to read Growing Home. I hope the person who has sent me emails without any return email address would share more information with me than just, "don't spoil it."

But I'm not sorry if the plot isn't going the way you want it to. I am as much in the dark as to what specifically and sometimes even generally happens from chapter to chapter until it is written, although I do have one or two scenes I try to write my way to as a rough map. The rest is all what happens. I've even started using a radom events generator where when I see what might happen in the story and I develop four possible plots from that trend or event and two completely off the wall plot lines, number them, and then roll a dice to decide which one I pursue, like it or not.

thanks again for your reading and feedback.