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There's a lot more to come...

March 13, 2013
Posted at 10:53 pm

Come on ... you really didn't think I'd let Pat get the girl without making you suffer through another one of his screw-ups, did you? :)

Chapter 42 seems to have fueled a lot of speculation that LIAB is about to draw to a close. It's not. Not even close; there's a long way to go yet. Back near the beginning, I speculated that this story would have between 50 and 60 chapters. That estimate was definitely on the low side. We're going well past 60, folks.

At the same time, you might see the pace of updates slow down just a bit. It's taking me about 10 days or so to write each new chapter, and I've finally reached the point where my streak of getting a new chapter up every Monday will draw to a close. It's looking more and more unlikely that I'll have chapter 43 ready by next Monday. The middle of next week is probably more realistic.

I want to keep the new chapters coming as quickly as I can. However, I also don't want to sacrifice quality in the name of putting the chapters out as fast as I can.