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Just a Taste is all it Takes

February 22, 2013
Posted at 10:41 pm

To all of you who have sent comments, thank you for your feedback, however I have had a few people who have had some really negative things to say about this story. I would like everyone to understand that this story takes place in the early 80's, In this time there were no cell phone, IPods, tablets, laptops, or internet. If you liked a girl you called her on the phone, Your best friend was you greatest confidant. There was no such thing as Politically Correct or Sexual Harassment, not that it did not happen, it was not frowned upon. If someone did something you did not like you did something about it or you tuffed it out. Gays and lesbians were still in the closet and racial and sexual jokes were not considered bad taste. I am not saying these are all good things, but they will happen in this story, please take the time period into account when passing judgments on me, my writing or the characters.