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Yeah Cretin!!! Yeah, I mean YOU!!!

February 17, 2013
Posted at 11:29 am

Yeah, I mean YOU!!! You're the one I'm talking about. You're the one who gave me the ONE or the TWO when you scored me the other day. Man, that pissed me off. You're the one I'm talking to ... No one else.

You know what pissed me off MORE! More than the low score ... You didn't have the guts to send me a FEEDBACK telling me WHY you did that.

I can't understand why you'd do that. WHY?!? And why didn't you have the guts to tell me why you did that!

Yeah, I'm from the US. I get it that we use English in a different way than you might if you're from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or even ENGLAND! But do YOU get it.

You know what? I had someone tell me I was using the word 'Mam' in a story recently. They said 'Mam' wasn't a word. I'm sure I got a low score for that one. Maybe not. But the important thing is that person sent me FEEDBACK about it. (BTW: it's in the dictionary.)

What did YOU, you Cretin, do. You gave me a ONE or a TWO. Better yet, what did I do that warranted that score? Put a comma where you thought it was wrong. Maybe you caught a word or two I used incorrectly. Sure, I'm not perfect. I make typographical errors. I've even used it's and its incorrectly. But to get a ONE or a TWO for that?

So, Yeah. I'm talking to that select really few individuals out there who not only have given me and perhaps loads other Authors a REAL LOW SCORE to hurt them.

Yeah, I know because of the system here, you did it because you could. I don't forgive you because you didn't own up to what you were doing and at least tell me or the Author why you did it.

You know what, POX on YOU!!! May your dangling parts wither and fall off!!!

Next time, send a feedback!

And, if YOU'RE wrong about your assumption and YOU were wrong, belly up to the bar and CHANGE that pitiful score you gave.