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Enemy Within

February 6, 2013
Posted at 9:25 pm

I finally finished another story. Sorry, I tend to wander from story to story, writing and chapter here and another there. Once in a while, much to my surprise, one is actually finished.

This tale is my first attempt to write a horror story. Hopefully it came out well. This story is also the first of the stories that link Amateurs and Acceptance together. The Commander Rose mentioned in the story is Becky from Amateurs. Governor Char is the former concubine Char from Acceptance. She has given up her original last name and taken her old nickname,Char (short for Charlene or Charles as the mood takes her) as her official name in memory of what happened on Quay.

Hopefully I'll get my next story, Integration, finished in the next month or so. That is the story of Becky and the ninjas trying to fit into the Confederacy.