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Delays and frustrations

February 3, 2013
Posted at 9:29 am

OK, so posted a couple of new bits of Ruth after months of delay. As it says on the end-note, I hope this is now in a position where it is finishable and certainly hope to post at more reasonable intervals in future. I even have a couple of new stories I'm working on...#

However, the point of this is that life has been a bit complicated over the past year or so and not only have I not been writing, but I haven't been checking the feedback with any regularity, either. I hope to trawl through them all and reply in the next few days or weeks BUT this is just to say sorry if you have actually bothered to comment and I didn't respond. Or - worse - did respond and then broke off the conversation without notice.

Normal service will be resumed ... I hope ... Real Soon Now.