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Blood Sugar

February 1, 2013
Posted at 1:53 am

Seems mine is Fubar. I have to see my doctor monday probably run a crap load of test and in general I am not a happy camper. Anywasy this means more time to work on stories, bad news I am getting the urge to rip Recycling down and rework the whole bastard. I love the story and I love the direction it is going.... I hate how little I put into it. It feels exactly like what it is a hastely written and posted story. I feel the demon story is better formed and organized and yet it was written faster and posted quicker than Recycling. I dont know if it the editing polish or what. Maybe I am just bored with being home... dont know. But what I am going to do is work on a rewrite and see how it goes. It for now will remain as is. Anyways I am off to writing, have a great one.