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sad news

January 29, 2013
Posted at 4:20 am

I'm sorry that I must announce that my computer died and with it went all of my stories--even The Magic Way, which was almost ready to go to the publisher!

Every time that I saved some money for external storage a R/L problem would break the bank and I would have to start saving all over again. January was a particularly hard month since I needed to renew my driver's license, register my car, get a saftey inspection and fix the brakes on the damn thing. Therefore nothing was backed up. (Wish I were more technically savey so that such things would be easy for me. <sigh> But no... I barely get by uploading stories.

Sooooo... The short and the long of it is that I need to, somehow, finish paying off the dead machine, get another computer and then find someone that can retrieve the data off of the dead machine. (It always was a gamble when I bought the used old machine. I lost. :(

That said, I again must beg your patience. If it is at all possible I will finish all of my stories.

Hope you all are having better times than I am,

The Mage