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Continuing Nude Planet

January 28, 2013
Posted at 2:52 am

Breathe a sigh of relief... I have (AT LAST!) submitted another chapter of "Nude Planet." I know it took me forever; all I can say is I am an easily distracted author with a lot of projects in front of me that I'm trying to juggle at the same time. So, on that note, for those who are still waiting for the next chapter of "A Land Beyond," don't worry, I'm still working on that too.

Now I'm going to put something out there that has been on my mind for a long time: I've been thinking for quite some time about expanding "Nude Planet" into an open universe, similar to "Naked in School." I may soon expand the title of my current story to "Nude Planet: Kasha" in order to set it apart from stories in the universe to come.

The idea at work is that the planet Lupina has many different provinces, each with their own social rules and customs, which means that any author who wanted to write a Nude Planet story could set their own rules. Do you not like the idea of a cloth wrap being the only item of clothing available to choose from? Come up with your own dress (or undress) code. Maybe you'd like to write from a province where people where certain items for certain occasions and are nude the rest of the time. Maybe you'd like to write about a province where men where some form of clothing while women go nude, or vice-versa. Or maybe you'd like to write about a province that is just completely clothes-free altogether. The choices are yours!

I would like to ask that prospective authors try their best to adhere to the technology I've established in this story: macrolinks, holographic image screens, methods of transportation, etc. But otherwise, if you've got an idea for a story about a naked-is-the-norm, sexually open society, and you think the planet of Lupina is the place to put it, then let me know, and I'll happily open my world up for you. Perhaps we can turn what began as just a quirky little idea I had into something big.