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Coming back

January 25, 2013
Posted at 4:37 pm

I've almost completed a story entitled "Concordia" - a cheating wife and shipwreck story all rolled into one! It does have a beginning middle and end and I promise the lose ends will be handled. I'm sorry for all the grief I caused in my fit of pique over "Heart Condition" by writing a very dark sequel which I took down almost immediately as was my plan. It would have been easier to just add a chapter to "Heart Condition" with the lose ends tied up and the happy ending that was already in my head. Unfortunately the story did not communicate that to my readers. What, you're not mind-readers?! Concordia contains some of the characters from "Heart Condition" in cameo so it does sort of continue their story. Now "Concordia" is being edited so stay tuned. Regards and thanks for hanging in there during my long absence. AA