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Solo chapter this week and an update on coming events

January 17, 2013
Posted at 6:45 pm

Hey all,

Chapter 46 was twice as long as my normal offerings so there is only one file this week.

Only eight chapters remain in the tale and I plan to conclude the story in mid-February.

My next project, a sequel to "The Outsider" titled "A Flawed Diamond" has already been worked over by inestimable BlackIrish and is with the proofreaders now. I will begin posting it as soon as "Guard" is concluded and I have enough chapters in hand to ensure there isn't a large gap between uploads.

At present, "Diamond" comes in at 95 chapters (not including an author's note and an epilogue). I hope to be able to use the same expedited posting schedule I used on "Daze In The Valley" but I can't commit to that just yet.

I have nothing else finished but I hope to wrap up one of several partially written stories (perhaps even the sequel to "Unending Night") by midway through the uploading of "Diamond" so I can keep BlackIrish from growing fat and lazy on us.

We'll just have to see where I head in the coming weeks. I've worked sporadically on about half a dozen stories since I finished writing "Diamond" last summer. So far nothing has reached out and grabbed me like "Daze," "Guard," and "Diamond" did. I'll work a week or two on one story and then set it aside for six weeks while I work on something different.

I keep hoping that one of them will scream out for me to finish it but so far no luck.

Best wishes,
Jay C.