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I'm doing what?

January 17, 2013
Posted at 2:08 am

Well I posted a new story in the section I call incomplete works, mostly cause story ideas come to me... but often don't have a ending. Hence the incomplete part. Well I have received a lot of remarks for "I'm a What" so it may get worked on more than I thought it would. I did receive a negative remark about my grammar and spelling. Sorry but those who start following me when I start post over a year ago should understand I cant spell worth crap. Truth hurts I know,and this time I tried to explain this story was in its raw form. Well I got 2 offers for editing and I am going to try to take them up on it. Don't worry I am still working on recycling... this story just jumped out at me. Still driving over the road and loving it. Moving to a new company so I don't know what my home time will be like, but we shall see. Next thing I am working on is getting a laptop so I can type on the road... not hand writing it and waiting till I am home to type. Well that is it for now.