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Revenge Is Rarely Sweet

January 8, 2013
Posted at 1:10 pm

After the less than successful comedy The Importance Of Being George (in terms of votes and downloads it's more like a tragedy), I'm back writing the romantic morality tales that the George-series is known for.

I don't know who dreamt up the hare-brained notion that revenge is sweet. The story of Bex - as told through the eyes of her childhood friend George - is one of unfathomable cruelty against a young woman who is mercilessly bullied at school for no other reason than having been away when the breast fairy visited. But she is not without resources - she has brains, determination and wealth a-plenty - and she uses those to plan and execute a terrible revenge against her tormentors, leaving a trail of death and destruction.

But it doesn't make her happy. Read the latest George story with the whimsical title De Minimis Non Curat Lex to find out what, if anything, does. And bullies everywhere take note - you could be in for a big fall if you mess with someone smarter than yourself. They say elephants never forget an injury. Neither do the victims of senseless bullying.

With this story I've ventured into even darker territory than before, but I hope I don't turn anyone off in the process. Please read, vote - and write feedback. Please.



Acknowledgements: As always, there would be no story worth reading if it wasn't for Dave's endless help. Not only does he manage to get me back to the keyboard when I've moped around too long, he also does wonders with what I hammer out. Also a warm thank you to Amanda who had an early draft of the story and pointed out an omission that would have damaged the story, had I not rectified it.