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Hindsight 20/20 Update

January 5, 2013
Posted at 9:23 pm

I had an anonymous e-mail today asking about book two. I would have responded but I can't send a reply to anonymous e-mails.

I have been working on book two and have written the first forty chapters. I am getting close to the end but have to work out a few things.

I have also just started sending the first chapters off to the editors. I don't like to post stories until they are finished because during the editing and posting process, I get to busy and too distracted to write. I will try to give a week or two notice before I start posting since I have been told by one or two that they want to reread book one. I will also be writing a transition chapter to recap book one and refresh the characters and who they are in the story.

I hope to have a better idea of the timing in the next couple weeks. I know how it ends, I just need to figure out the best way to get there.