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January 1, 2013
Posted at 5:40 pm

The health problems didn't help, but my next story has taken much longer than I thought. That being said, it's moving along.

Divided into four 'books', the first is ready for editing. The second is on hold due to technical difficulties and it's what's eaten up the most time. I've moved on to the third for now; the fourth is sketched out. The total length is already up to 40K words and I'm guessing it will finish around 70K.

Unfortunately, my major content editor has dropped out of sight and the volunteers I've emailed haven't responded. Two people have offered to look it over, so I'll see if they're up to the task. I also need to find a math and physics advisor to get me over the hump in book two.

I wish I could give a posting date, but I need to get a lot closer. This one will be posted daily to help readers stay with the flow.

I'm amazed to see people are still finding and reading my stories, and am gratified by the reward. Some are even voting.

Thanks to all, and I hope to have more to offer soon.