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Merry Holidays

December 23, 2012
Posted at 10:08 pm

DB's Christmas story went up today. I put a bunch of stuff in that could have been individual episodes; catnip, kitty toy gladiator, meow begging at the table, jumping in paper bags = wrapping paper, but I didn't have 'people talk' comebacks for them. What I did pull out for people talk was last minute. I have a couple of additional ideas but I'm not going to force them (like DB-4) so don't expect anymore DB's for a while.

Someone mentioned in an email that DBs were poems. I guess they might qualify for prose poetry, but since I didn't know what that was when I was writing them I'll just keep calling them silly little doodles.

Looking up 'prose poem' led me to look up flash fiction, and I saw a limit of 300 words for some definitions, and since I was on a roll with the prostitute theme I actually put The Proposal together purposefully. It was inspired by Tracy Quan and her Nancy Chan stories and the recent news story of Suzy Hamilton.

That little ditty started out with votes of 9s-10s and dropped into the 5s at the same time Gorgo the barbarian started out in the 3s and went up to the mid 6s before falling back into the high 5s. All this happened before there were enough votes to show up on the front page for readers to see -- authors can see the first votes come in on their stats page. It's a roller coaster ride and puts a bit of excitement into the first night when a story is posted. Because of their short length and the fact that both stories are readable, typo and grammar wise, I expected scores in the 6s, but you never know how the wind will blow.

Gorgo the barbarian (Go-Go Barby) will probably turn into a series of black comedy shorts since he is DB's human counterpart and more flexible than a crazy kitten from a writing standpoint. When I feel like bashing in someone's head or commenting on an annoying television show it will probably get funneled into a Go-Go short.

Rewrites on the next ring-sword are going slowly now. Most of the crap beginning has been sorted out but that burned me out and the story still needs a couple of new chapters in the middle. My brain will probably stabilize after the Christmas stress goes down.

So there you go. I shot my literary load for Christmas so I might not be seen for a while.

Take care and be safe -- jj76