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Updates & Holiday Wishes!

December 22, 2012
Posted at 3:26 am

Update time! New stuff first! The second chapter of Anomaly of the Fates is almost finished. I know those of you waiting for more on the older stuff are pulling your hair out right now, but the second chapter is just going to be the completion of the scene foreshadowed in the first chapter and maybe a little bit more.

After that, the next most likely thing to be finished is the next chapter of Enter the Darkness. I was working on that one recently and it was flowing really good before I got interupted. Future Distorted is kind of stalled while I figure out how to wrap up the next chapter.

As for other stuff, Sagas of Pain, the third story in my Akikara the Mad story arc is through the editing process and I am currently putting together the Am'mortal anthology I have been talking about (I have settled on Tales of Immortality: The Wanderer and Akikara Sagas as a title). Whether it will be done before the holidays or not is up in the air, but I can hope. I am also working, albeit slowly, on the rest of The Death of Love in Morristown. It is going at a glacial pace mostly because I am not sure how I want to get where I want to go with the story. Inspiration has been lacking on that one. I have other irons on the fire, but they are either not ready for posting or will be published at a date to be announced.

That is all on the update front. Everyone have a Happy-whatever-Holiday-you-celebrate-or-don't-celebrate and try not to overdo it on New Year's Eve!