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Heterosexual but boy-curious?

December 22, 2012
Posted at 12:17 am

In an upcoming story, I am planning to explore the issue of a heterosexual man (or at least '95% heterosexual') who 'tries boy' for the first time to satisfy a long-standing curiosity. He is not interested in adult males in the least, but only in a boy 14-16 (might have gone younger if the SOL rules allowed it!).
As a prelude and forethought, I would be very interested to hear from any guys whose sexuality resembles this at all, even slightly, to discuss the matter.
I'm interested to explore whether it is possible to be 'heterosexual', and yet be interested enough to have an erotic experience with a good-looking boy. Or, does such a thing by definition mean you would have to be at least slightly 'bi'. Furthermore, do all of us have a 'gay streak' in us no matter how small (I have heard it said).
Also, specific psychological and physical issues: would you be prepared to do some things and not others, perhaps: eg be sucked but not give suck, and what age/looks would your boy have to be?
Basically, what is your thinking behind the premise of sex with a young boy? The dynamics of your fantasy for it, if any?
Quick negative responses are welcome even from any guys who feel 100% repulsion to the idea!
Reply here or to email, depending on how much you want to say or if the matter is kind of sensitive to you.