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Virtue in finishing

December 19, 2012
Posted at 7:06 pm

Well, based on the drop in the score on "Bent", it looks like the last chapter has not met expectations.

This is an odd experience, having this near-instant feedback on one's artistic endeavors. I've played music my whole life and am used the direct feedback of applause (or deafening, embarrassed silence), but writing has been either business-related or in school, and the feedback there is less direct.

This is more primal - there's a raw immediacy about logging into my stat page to see how many hits and the change in the score.

Does it do me any good? Does it help me be a better writer? Naahh, like many things I do (like writing porn), it probably ain't that good for me, but so far anyway, it's kind of fun.

...now, if that goddamn score drops below 6.6, I'm going to be pissed!!! :-) JK