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I'm a whore - vote for pussy

December 17, 2012
Posted at 8:32 am
Updated: December 17, 2012 - 11:01 pm

Updated: Thanks for the four votes. Fuzzball made the list so you can disregard what follows. Read only if my twisted mind amuses you.

FYI. A new short (doodle) will be up later this week on the story site titled Gorgo the Barbarian. No cats this time, but you will get another DB pulled off the blog as well.

As of today, our furry little friend DB part-3 needs four votes (50 total) in order to get on the top 20 finished stories list (unless those votes are really low and crash the overall score). Readership is dropping off, so I'm out here on the street corner of Blogtown in a miniskirt and porno fuck me platforms soliciting votes like any good politician.

And as long as I'm feeling all prostitootie for reader approval, I've decided to compromise my artistic integrity (as if kitten stories on a porn story site are not bad enough). I've decided to add some tasteful sex scenes and a happy ending to the upcoming tragic story of the ring swords. But it will only be an alternate ending option, so all of you who want to bask in my ability to make you feel bad, and maybe even shed a tear, will be able to read the original words as I violently kill off characters I have worked hard to make you like. Those of you with no appreciation for such literary artistry (I blame the American film industry and high fructose corn syrup) will get some sort of feel good ending that does nothing to move my gloomy vision for the the ring sword universe forward.