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December 14, 2012
Posted at 6:28 pm

Loyal reader Knight Writer sent me his idea for how Oakheart got stuck in the tree. The scenarios in my brain are jaded by the next story, but this one scenario is possible, and it struck me as an interesting twist. Posting it also gives me something to put up here that is possibly interesting because I'm just going to bitch about something later. It's more whining than bitching actually. I could go out the back door naked and scream to the sky, but it is warmer just throwing it out into cyber space, or whatever blogs are, because right now it's frikin cold outside.

How did Oakheart get stuck in the tree? Knight Writer's idea...

The former owner of the sword lost it when he was
killed in battle. The new owner had it in a pack
and was traveling with his family.

They stopped in a meadow that had some trees,
including a smallish one to spend the night.

A youngster got it and managed to activate it's
"ghost mode" and was playing around with it. He
tripped and fell, leaving the sword in the tree.

The noise he made when he tripped woke his dad who
told him to get back to the camp and settle down.

He did plan on getting up early to look for the
sword. Unfortunately for his plans, he woke up
late and was rushed in getting ready to leave.

Later on, when they returned home, his father
discovered Oakheart was missing.

I bet the little shit got his ass kicked when he got home.

Now for my whining.

I've re-written the first chapter of the prequel four times now. The reason being because it was originally written as a prequel chapter for Wilhan and contained all the facts and secrets about the background of the sword. The next ten chapters of the story simply expand on everything that I put in that first chapter. Imagine having a Cliff's Notes version as the first chapter of a long novel.

Now I'm trying to take all those facts out and make sure they are put back in later to surprise you readers and make me look like I know what I'm doing as a writer. The more I get into it the more little problems pop up. It's like untangling a knot of fishing line. Hence my fleating desire to go outside naked and scream at the moon.

The new opening sex scene with overly large breasts on the women and a huge male organ on the teenaged boy are necessary. The elaborate an complexly moving emotional flow of the story depend on it.

I write about kittens too. Did you know that?