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Death Bringer III

November 23, 2012
Posted at 9:00 pm
Updated: November 24, 2012 - 9:43 am

The next installment of Wilhan Dragonslayer is posted. It is the next to the last chapter, so next week will be the end. I am working hard on the rewrites to the prequel -- The Ring Swords: Black Barons, or Demon Wars, or Chicks with Magic Sticks. I don't know if it will be ready to post in two weeks but the longer I work on it the less it will suck.

Wilhan just hit number five for weekly downloads but it's a hollow victory because I have two chapters posted less than a week apart. So do the top stories, but Wilhan was almost top ten with just one chapter up, which is pretty cool. If I were a dick I would chop the final chapter into four parts and post them a day or two apart starting early next week.

Here is the next adventure of Death Bringer.

I am Death Bringer, slave and plaything of the three gods. Tonight I take my revenge on my masters, for tomorrow I am to be sacrificed to the slavering beast of the five hells, and I am powerless to stop it.

My nightmare began today as the sun was falling. I was stalking flutterfolk along the edge of the colorful sunface thicket when the godling came and snatched me away from my hunt. I was held in its firm grasp and carried over to the lair of the hill demons. There the smallest and most dangerous of the hill demons, a spindly, speckled-faced thing with flames for hair and feet the color of grapes, came to inspect me. I was given over to the foul creature to be examined and fondled. The two spoke, obviously bartering for my life. I knew not the reason until the demonling passed me back and began bellowing. Almost immediately the slavering beast appeared, its voice baying like the sound of the horns of hell themselves.

The dreaded brown, black, and white creature was ungainly in its gullumping run, with its long ears flopping and its white tipped tail held up like a waggling saber. The demonling held the beast up and suddenly I knew for certain the reason I was there.

I was to be given over to feed the beast's lust for blood. Closer and closer my godling moved me, and closer and closer the demonling brought the beast until I was in range of its foul jaws. Then the instant of my impending death came and a tongue too large for any mortal being shot out of the beast's mouth and coved my face with rank, stinking venomous slime. Again and again it happened. Surely this was to weaken me before it sank its teeth into my face. I could stand no more, for I am Death Bringer, not some lamb for slaughter. I sank my claws into the flesh of my godling and made my escape.

Up, up, I climbed into the branches of the nearest barkwood tree. From my perch I could see the chaos that I had caused by rebelling against the will of the gods. The beast was taken into the dwelling of the demons and my godling ran back to its abode with red face and watering eyes, wailing for vengeance against me. Shortly after that the gods and demons met below me. The demons outnumbered the gods four to three but I still hoped that the final battle of the apocalypse would take place to bring about the demise of their kind, but instead I watched as they negotiated for peace … and for my life and my corpse.

The gods were cowed, and the largest of the demons brought a climbing device from its lair. My large god climbed up and grabbed me by the scruff of my neck. I was paralyzed as he handed me not to the hill demons but to his mate, who carried me back to my prison. This god tried to sooth me into submission with gentle sounds and a saucer of alabaster nectar.

I have surmised from the soothing songs and heavenly liquid that the godling had made a mistake by offering one such as me to the beast without the proper level of respect and ceremony. Certainly tomorrow will see a ceremony fitting for my sacrifice. I will meet my death because my masters are cowards who are afraid to battle the hill demons and their hell beast.

They will know of my disdain for them, and on the morrow I will be vigilant and try to make my escape, but for now the saucer of nectar has made me sleepy…

"Mommy, Fluffers pooped in my shoe!"