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Posting schedule, and a slight edit

November 18, 2012
Posted at 1:38 am

Chapter 19 of LIAB will be posted on Tuesday, 11/20. Because of Thanksgiving and all that goes with it, I've decided to hold off posting Chapter 20 until Sunday the 25th.

I did a slight edit on Chapter 17. A few readers pointed out that Patti's remarks during her valedictory address would not be protected under the First Amendment, since freedom of speech only applies to government and not private institutions. So, I removed the First Amendment reference.

Also, there was a recent story in the news about a girl in Oklahoma whose diploma was withheld because she uttered the word "hell" during a valedictory address. Obviously, the situation in my story is much different. But coincidentally, I wrote that chapter just a few days before that story broke. :)