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A brief comment and an apology

November 15, 2012
Posted at 10:18 pm

First the apology. Rachael wrote a short story called "Nothing A Plumber" a few years ago and she wanted it posted to her blog on Nov. 6th of this year, for the obvious reasons. I saw it on my calendar and simply forgot. I apologize, Rather than post it late and on such a meaningless day, I think she'd prefer that I save it for the Presidential Inauguration.

Secondly, I can be reached through the email system here, that's the preferred method. I don't respond to any emails not directed specifically towards me. Fan mail continues to arrive. I look through it to see if there's anything requiring a response, but it's really none of my business.

It can be interesting, however, to get a glimpse into what Rachael had to go through, and she did so for years and years. My respect and sympathy for you authors out there grows daily.

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Nov 15 (1 day ago)
to me
Message from: <a_reader> :

Reply Re: Sex Brat
Posted : 2012-10-15 - 10:41 pm

I think that was a nasty thing to do to a sibling
You must hate your family very much to even think
something like that

Psychoanalyzing Rachael (or most authors) through their fiction isn't actually a good idea. It might lead one to surmise that the reader has mistaken a mirror for a window.

So far as I recall, the main character of Sex Brat is an only child, and not even a real child. I can assure all of you that Rachael did not hate anyone, not even her relatives. Disappointment, Frustration, and Annoyance are about the most negative emotions I ever saw her display towards another person. She hated squeaker sneakers, not people.

I wanted to clear up any misunderstandings you readers might have. Thank you.