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Best ANONYMOUS feedback ever!

November 14, 2012
Posted at 11:01 am

All of us who post stories have gotten their share of weird, goofy feedback from everybody's favorite reader, Anonymous. The following is the BEST message I have EVER received from this most elusive character:

"I'm sorry, was going to read one hear stories when I came across a certain comment about someone's waste being smaller and their breasts larger than Elizabeth Taylor. I'm assuming you are referring to a young ET. I found this comment utterly ridiculous and promptly moved on. Some advice, there is limits to the physical body. If you insist on this fallacy try writing sci-fi."

Here's the best part...I have never made a reference to Elizabeth Taylor or her "waste"...LMFAO! I have no idea what this clown was referring to, but it wasn't one of "hear" stories. Thank goodness this insightful reader clued me in on the fact that, "there is limits to the physical body"! I'm off to try my hand at sci-fi!

Laugh with me,

Daddy Jack