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My fault -- Prodigious Collection

November 14, 2012
Posted at 10:39 am

I look forward to finding new chapters of stories that I am reading. I am acutely aware that, once a story has been posted in its entirety, very few readers will ever find it. Having the story be part of the Swarm Cycle Universe does improve the chances that a reader will find it, but not a lot.

I successfully put all of the "Prodigious Collection" story chapters in the queue for posting, one chapter every three days all the way to Christmas. After the first four chapters were posted, there was a formatting issue in the entire story that I wanted to correct. In replacing the as-yet-unposted chapters of the story, I managed to get them into the queue for immediate posting. The remainder of the story was posted before I discovered my mistake. The SOL webmaster was sympathetic but unable to help.

I suppose that that is a boon to those of you who are reading the story. Call it an early Christmas present from me to you. I hope you enjoy the story. As with all stories on SOL, your feedback is the author's only reward.