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New Stories

November 6, 2012
Posted at 3:26 pm

Thanks to anyone returning *again* to visit my story pages or those new folks reading them for the first time. Lots of great comments. Two new one-off stories just popped into my head this week and have been posted. Sometimes that's how it works, right? You never know where they're going to come from?

I do have plans to post the final chapter of "Cape Cod Summer" at some point. It's been worked over multiple times to get the end right and I'm still not happy with it.

The Columbus Day weekend story is actually finished and I have to determine how to re-post that or get it turned into a single story instead of a chapter book with a minor edit to the end. I don't want to lose the scores and comments. It was meant to be multiple single stories posted separately instead of a long chapter-based story.

Thanks again for the great feedback!