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October 31, 2012
Posted at 8:13 pm

Hi all,

The last two chapters of Part 1 of Always on Guard hit the queue this evening.

It might be a while before Part 2 goes up. We're having some issues with getting fiber optic lines run to the neighborhood. Now the storm has pushed the completion date back even farther in the distance.

My internet access has been intermittent and has consisted solely of dial up.

Then there is the whole Mac/PC thing with SOL.

I write on a Mac. If I post it straight away, the punctuation is OK. But my editor and proofreaders use PCs. So when I get the files back I have to take them to our family PC to fix things and get them to read correctly on SOL.

Right now, I don't have the PCs set up -- because neither of them even has a phone modem installed. So when I started to post these files last week, well, all the quotation marks and apostrophres were strange characters. I didn't get the chance to use a PC until today.

I've decided I'm not going to battle with dial-up just to post files with strange punctuation. So until I get everything up and running, I'm going to focus on editing "A Flawed Diamond," the sequel to "The Outsider" and writing a new story, "A Death in Emerald Cove."

So, that's where we are. Once I get things together here, I'll start posting again.

Jay C.