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Baseball stuff in Chapter 10

October 30, 2012
Posted at 11:35 pm

For those readers of "Lightning in a Bottle" who are fans of baseball... the World Series game action I described in Chapter 10 did indeed proceed pretty much as I described it, except for the ninth inning changes I introduced in the new timeline.

Here's an account of that game, which I referred to while writing the narrative.

No, my memory isn't that good. :)

If you search "1980 World Series" on Youtube, you'll find numerous videos of that game. A while ago, I found a video of the entire ninth inning on Youtube, including excellent footage of the key Bob Boone - Pete Rose play I described in the story. I'm not sure if it's still there; a quick search just now didn't turn it up. One close-up angle of the Boone-Rose play actually showed fans seated nearby in the front row, right behind the dugout.

One might ask this question: In the new timeline I created, what happened to the eight fans who were displaced by Pat and his entourage? :)