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The Queue

October 23, 2012
Posted at 10:19 pm

I've received several emails concerning how and when Rachael's stories are going up on this website. Several people also expressed concern over her unfinished stories. I'll address those issues here to avoid misunderstanding. I cannot be any more specific than this with regard to individual titles and for that I apologize.

Right now there are about 70 stories, including chapters of currently in progress stories, in the posting queue. They're scheduled to appear on the site between now and next April according to her personal sensibilities -- There are a lot of Kylie X. stories going up in February, for example. The stories will be posting under four different pen names: rache, Rachael Ross, T.S.Severe, and God of Porn.

Any other pen names she may have used in the past may be considered inactive and I'm working with the site owners to consolidate a number of stories and eliminate some of the older pen names. This does not include the Just Plain Jane stories or the work in progress by Milk Bunny. Those pen names and stories will remain as they are.

My job is largely to keep track of when new, multiple chapter stories post. The site doesn't allow authors to queue up subsequent chapters for later posting until after the first chapter appears. I have a calendar with specific dates for each individual chapter to enter the queue, and there are a lot of them. Rachael liked to say she was a short story author, first and foremost, but she wrote an awful lot of novels as well.

Rachael also asked me to edit and proof certain stories that she was unable to correct herself. A story posting right now, "Door in the Closet" is a good example of that. She completely rewrote the second half of that novel, beginning with chapter eight. Unfortunately, her illness didn't always allow her the time or energy to complete her efforts. She made it clear that she wanted to have a few (pleasant) surprises up her sleeve for longtime fans who wouldn't otherwise see a lot of new material.

Those familiar with her library can expect to see something new from time to time. I believe that every story currently in progress will eventually have new chapters added. And yes, that includes "Babymaker" and "Motherfucker" which are the two stories I'm most often asked about.