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Crying here

October 20, 2012
Posted at 10:06 am

Dude! If you're going to give me a shitty TPA score at least email and me and tell me what the problems are in great detail so that I will never ever make those mistakes again. Otherwise I'm just going to keep writing the same crap and assume that you came home and read my story after finding your shrew wife in bed with a guy not of your skin color, a hunchback midget, and a three-legged miniature poodle, all of whom have larger love sticks than you. A technical score of 3 and an appeal score of 6 is unreadable, IMO. How did you get past the first three chapters? If you are a highschool English teacher you are a meany!

As soon as I stop crying in my frootloops I'm going to cut the pay of my volunteer proofreaders.

There is a good chance that one of my proofreaders gave me that score since I tend to only make the corrections I want and then I change a bunch of other stuff at the last minute. That would piss me off if I were a proofreader, but then again I'm the petty vindictive sort who came home last night to find my girfriend sucking off a tranny whore named Folana Depeche. I wrote a story about it called "She Paid for the Poodle but made Me Watch." It's all in subtitles under the YouTube video that I posted to get attention.

To all of my faithful readers who gave me scores that I like. Thanks, and sorry for the typos. I forgot what day it was and didn't get a chance to do a last read through after making substantial changes earlier this week. Most were to the fight scene. BTW if you want to watch the fight rent The Thirteenth Warrior and ignor Banderas acting like a stupid whiney pussy in that scene.

I estimate that I have about 2500 people reading Wilhan and about ten percent of you are premature ejaculators (in the literary sense) and have to vote on the story before it is half way through for some reason. That seems like a lot of people who want to vote, and it worries me because I don't expect to get swamped with votes when the story is done because not that many people are voters. Sure, I could turn voting off until the end to make you vote when you are supposed to, but the word count on Chapter Two put me over the top to get my free premeir membership, and I need voting on for that. Now my SOL window has twice as many dots and boxes on it that I don't use, and that makes me feel important.

Next week Wilhan gets laid, I have some comments on Halloween stories, and I'll tell you more about small dogs and my sex life.