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Door in the Closet

October 11, 2012
Posted at 10:06 pm

This is a repost of a story that's appeared on this site previously. Rachael liked to post-remove-repost stories not only here, but anywhere she could get away with it. The reason for that wasn't to annoy or confuse long time readers, but simply to push her older material in front of new readers. The idea is that any online community grows over time, membership changes, and the way a site like SOL is structured the newer posts generate the most interest. It's all about marketing.

About the story itself, she didn't leave me any notes on it. She loved science fiction and was always looking for something new to write. You see a lot of authors, especially in the "erotica" genre, that only write on one or two themes, or write a few long, seemingly endless novels. Rachael preferred diversity. One never knows what a story will be about or where it will go, but they are invariably interesting and worth a look.